Weird Work? Professional Cuddling Exposed :-)

“The heavens opened up and the angels sang and I realized that platonic touch and relationship coaching were exactly what I wanted to do. “

Typical first session? I walk you through it at 8 minutes. Basically you submit a request, I follow up and we get on the phone to get to know each other and answer any questions. If we’re a good fit, we book a time and you come to my space in Boulder. Once you’re here we settle in with chitchat and a brief tour then settle down on the couch or cuddle bed. We agree that neither of us will endure or tolerate anything we don’t want to do during the session but will only do what we want and we’ll stick to the Code of Conduct. Then we move into touch at your pace, being curious about what you want and how you are feeling.

How many sessions? One? Many? Get insights at 11 minutes. Working through chronic pain? One session can help, a dozen can change your life. Working through trauma, neglect, or anxiety? Work with me over time. My favorite clients have worked with me weekly or even more often over years. The benefits keep going deeper. More than 100 hours in with two different clients and they keep seeing benefits in their own body and emotions, their work, and their relationships.

Dependency? Will I have to keep coming? I can be a bridge from where you are to where you want to be. To a new love relationship. To more connection in every area of your life.

In cuddling it’s a mutual, consensual experience. Both of us want what’s happening. I get time in my day where I get to do my absolutely favorite things in the world – focus on the person in front of me with all my time and attention with no need to do anything else. Come cuddle!

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