Live on The Morning Buzz 100.3 WHEB “Guess My Gig as a Pro Cuddler”

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I had the pleasure of being live on the air this morning with Greg, Laura, Roadkill, Kelly, and Kayla. They were such fun to chat with about professional cuddling. They asked great questions like:

  • Does your husband, wife, partner or whatever get jealous?
  • Are you crazy smart?
  • Do you stay awake the whole time? and (my favorite)
  • Do you work with insects?

Ok they weren’t really thinking I cuddle with insects but the first part of the show was them asking me yes/no questions to try to “guess my gig”. Greg wanted my identity to be a surprise and for people to figure it out by guessing. Amazingly, they did!

We got to dispel common myths by asking pointed questions like:

  1. Is your partner jealous that you cuddle people for work? No! They love that I help people and totally trust my boundaries.
  2. Wouldn’t someone hate it if they knew their boyfriend was cuddling with you? No! One of my best clients has a girlfriend who LOVES that he cuddles with me. He comes home calmer and smarter. A safe place to be held, to talk about hopes and fears, to vent, and to get a new perspective is something I wish every person in every relationship had. We’d all have more fun with our partners if we had that kind of support!
  3. Do you stay awake the whole time you’re cuddling? Yes! Almost always đŸ™‚ Consent is a cornerstone of what makes my Cuddlist sessions both therapeutic and trustworthy. Consent is all about having a clear yes, a clear no, and being in communication. Consent is impossible to give if I’m asleep so I stay awake and, for the most part, so do my clients.

Here’s a link to the full 18 min segment.  Around 8:20 it’s more interactive and we get a bit more into the work. At 12:50 I say some of my favorite words about why cuddling is a human need.

If you’d like to become a therapeutic touch professional (aka pro snuggler), go to They have a great online training program. I recommend their training not just to people who want to go pro, but to anyone who wants to make their touch more satisfying for everyone involved.

Want to experience being held, valued, seen, and wanted just as you are? Want a safe place to practice touch? Want to feel more at home in your own skin? If you’re in Colorado, reach out to me directly 720-340-2246. If you are anywhere else in the world, visit to see a listing of over 100 touch professionals all over the world.

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