Calling all engineers and geeks

I’m creating a new online course and it’s for you!

Last week I signed up for Course From Scratch. Facebook advertising worked this time. It showed me an ad. I clicked. Danielle had a pre-recorded masterclass I could do as though it was live. I did it immediatly and then signed up. It’s the class I’ve been waiting for even though I didn’t know it existed until I stumbled across it. (Thanks FB!)

I’m going to be like that for many of you. The coaching I offer is going to land in your lap, unexpected and yet sought after. (I love paradoxes. Well, I may not always love them but they show up over and over again in human relationships so I’ve come to appreciate them and embrace them.) You know you want something deeper and more meaningful in your relationships. You know you’re tired of drama but you hate the loneliness of being alone. You suspect you might need support even though you’d love to do it on your own. You wonder, does asking for help mean you aren’t good enough in some way?

You aren’t broken. Asking for help isn’t weakness.

This course is going to be so fun and so effective. Danielle asks us to choose a price and how many people we’ll have in our class before we pick a topic, write the content, or even decide how long the course is. While a part of me thinks that’s backwards, another part of me realizes I’ve been trying to write my new course content for the last year and not getting much of anywhere. Have you been doing what feels familiar and logical in your relationships and not getting anywhere satisfying?

Maybe it’s time to try something that feels unfamiliar.

I’m enjoying leaning in to her styel, her approach, and her enthusiasm. I’m enjoying trusting that she knows where she’s going and has taken not only herself but many other people there as well. I’m going to follow her steps and be successful. It’s that easy. All I have to do is the work, right? I can’t just watch her video and have a class with lots of perfect clients. I need to do the work. But I don’t have to figure out what the right work is to do.

You need to do the work, but do you need to figure out what to do too?

You know the difference right? To take the actions AND figure out what actions to take, that’s hard. That opens the door for the Inner Critic to stomp all over us, perfectionism to rear it’s head and stop us in our tracks, indecision to paralyze us. It’s true for course development and it’s true for romantic relationships, parenting, work, and friendships. In fact everywhere in life it’s easier to do what someone else has already shown to get the results you want than to make it all up from scratch yourself.

Give yourself the gift of asking for help. Give youself the gift of relationships without the drama and suffering. Sign up for my new course. We’re launching April 1. Will they still be challenging? You bet. Will you still get confused sometimes? Of course. Will you have far more joy, fun, freedom, and love than you have now? YES. Guaranteed.

50% off if you sign up through this link. For those of you who are willing to trust me, yourself, and your gut instinct to say yes right now, I offer you this big thank you. You’re my tribe. Thank you for trusting me. We’re going to change the world together, one relationship at a time.

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