Jerk-Proof Your Relationships

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No one wants to work with or live with a jerk, an abuser, or a manipulator. No one wants to be a jerk. an abuser, or a manipulator either. No one wants to get triggered by their past such that they feel out of control with their reactions. Everyone has had some experience with a jerk that has left them scarred and scared. No one would choose that if there were another option. There is. Join me as we Jerk-Proof Your Relationships.

After 9 years of coaching and 20+ years of working with people and listening to what they really want, these are the answers I’ve come up with:

  • We want to be real and authentic with each other.
  • We want to feel safe being close to other humans.
  • We want to feel safe in our own skins.
  • We want to give the huge love that is in us to give without feeling stupid, used, abused, or taken advantage of.
  • We want to be like a tree – deep roots, solid, reliable, and resilient in the face of whatever life, relationships, and pandemics throw at us.
  • We want people we can rely on to be there for us no matter what.
  • We want people we can take off our masks with and still be loved.

You want someone safe to rely on, feel solid with, and count on. That is what I am for my private clients. Now it’s time to teach you all what I know. For years I have practiced being stable, grounding, loving, and accepting with my clients. I get to be the parent everyone wanted to have. The one who listens with unconditional positive regard and trusts you to make your own decisions, your own choices, and your own mistakes. You get to mess up and still be loved. You get to rest and you get to keep working with a solid coach in your corner who cheers you on and cries with you. Then we look together to see what’s next. What do you want? And we go there, we create that in your life.

My new course, Jerk-Proof Your Relationships, gives you the skills to be all that. You will have the skills and the choice to not be a jerk, to be solid and reliable for yourself and others. You’ll also have the skills, to not fall in love with a jerk, to not get betrayed by a jerk, and to not raise jerks.¬†You will be able to be solid and trustworthy for yourself and for other people.

Jerk-Proof Your Relationships is for people who:

  • Are engineers, geeks, and other analytical people.
  • Want to feel loved, accepted, and safe being themselves.
  • Have thought about relationships, tried everything they can think of, and still aren’t getting (or Giving!) the love they want.
  • Are willing to look inside and work on themselves, to be curious and vulnerable with themselves.
  • Want real results.

What you get:

  • 6 weeks of live coaching in a small group via Zoom
  • 2 private coaching sessions (Yes, just with me, just with you)
  • Access to our private Facebook Group
  • Assignments between classes to hone your skills
  • A safe place to be yourself and meet other people
  • The skills to have fulfilling, resilient relationships at work, at home, and in bed

The full price of this course is $697. Be an early adaptor and get the entire course, all of this plus all the things I haven’t thought of yet, for $497. Go you!

Register Now

Money Back Guarantee

No one wants to get taken advantage of. No one wants to buy something that doesn’t work. I understand that. I want you to get real results and I completely stand behind Jerk-Proof Your Relationships to deliver on everything I promise. If you don’t agree with me you can have your money back. Read the full terms here.

When, Where, and other Essentials

April 1 and 5 consecutive Wednesdays,

4-5pm Mountain Time (MDT),

on Zoom.

Complete details for the Zoom room, how to schedule your personal coaching calls, how to access our FB group, and more will be sent after you register. Questions? Email me or schedule a time to talk.


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