12 Days of Christmas, JPYR style

Day 1 On the First Day of Christmas, I want to share with you…

I would have started this yesterday but once I started celebrating with my family, I didn’t want to stop. My 2 teenage daughters, their dad, my partner, and my father all happily celebrated opening presents, food, games, and sharing time together. To me that’s just normal. But when I tell other people they are like “What?!? Your ex, your current partner, your kids and your dad all shared Christmas together? And it was nice?”

Yes. Welcome to my reality. There’s no need for anger and fighting and stressing out the kids or myself with separated families. Blended families can work. People can love each other just as they are and just as they aren’t. This tip will help you get started.

Day 1 tip: Be generous. Start with generosity to yourself. What are you proud of you for doing? What do you love about yourself? What have you done in this relationship that was generous? Take a few moments to list everything you can think of. Bonus for writing them down. Double bonus for sharing them with someone.*

If this feel challenging, know you’re not alone. Acknowledging yourself is hard for many of us. It gets easier with practice and contrary to making you a swelled headed egomaniac it will actually help you be more resilient when you’re dealing with people who tend to jerk you around. Stand in your own appreciation of yourself and watch how you then find it easier to acknowledge others and be slower to react with anger.

Day 1 Gift: Comment below or DM me to be entered in our 12 Days of JPYR drawing. You can win two free coaching session ($250 value), a 50% off scholarship (a $350 value), a super deal that leaves $550 in your pocket, and even a 100% scholarship. Your email and name get you entered today.

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* Don’t have someone you want to share with? One of the great things about the JPYR class is getting a listening partner to practice exercises like this with. A safe person you can share with who listens to you without judgement or criticism is an amazing gift that comes with your enrollment in JPYR.

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