Ready to Thrive? Touch-based coaching to take your relationships into more ease, less drama, and more inner harmony.
For all relationships, especially parenting
Our children are fantastic at triggering our anger, confusion, and exhaustion. What they need is our curiosity, consistency, and resourcefulness. They long to trust us to show up with room for their struggles without getting swept up in our own. They need us to heal our own wounds, trauma, neglect, and unmet needs so that we stop passing them on. An unmet need does not go away; it just comes out indirectly. Numbing, addiction, crazy-busy, perfectionism – these are all vulnerability shields we use to try to protect ourselves and our children from our unmet needs. Get support to integrate all of who you are and make peace with both the past and the present to bring more of your brilliance into your parenting.
Through a unique combination of touch, holding, cuddling, and platonic touch with coaching, Inner Empathy, role-play, and listening our one-on-one sessions engage your whole self – mental, emotional, physical, and more – to create a safe place to both grow and relax. The combination of touch and coaching is the most effective way I’ve found after 18+ years of dedicated personal growth.  Ready to learn more? Reach out for a free consultation. 
Groups and Workshops
Cuddling, consent, and empowerment workshops are offered at least monthly. These events are a great way to practice consent, touch, and boundaries and while many people are nervous when they come, they are almost always grateful and relaxed when they leave. Find the most up-to-date event listings here. 
“I want to thank you! You helped me to survive the darkest, most seemingly hopeless months of my life — not just through the healing power of touch and cuddling, but through your proactive counsel and support in a safe, nurturing space.  I was able to clearly set a goal, stay focused on it and keep a positive focus toward her, myself and the process — very largely because of the foundation you helped me build. … And in the process, you even helped me find fun and laughter again.”  ~“Steve”, male client in his 50’s, 8/18
“Sessions with Kassandra is how I stay balanced. Especially as a young woman, it’s revolutionary to have someone who will give me the time and space I need to figure out what I want – and then thank me for asking for it. Or for negotiating boundaries. Or for saying no. (And then we can have a dance party, or read to each other, or just hold and be held).  After I first contacted Kassandra I felt freaked out and excited and very vulnerable; fast forward a few months and I’ve had more than ten sessions, with more on the horizon. No two are alike, but they all help me get grounded, and I understand more and more what it means to really live in my body, listen to it and honor its needs. When I leave a session I’m high on cuddles. Then I go back to my life and start working with my desires and my boundaries more actively, so I can get clear about what nourishes me and what doesn’t. The effects of this kind of connection are far-reaching, and they change the way I approach all my other relationships. I book cuddling and coaching sessions now just like I would a massage. It’s one of the only things I spend money on, and that money is some of the best I’ve ever spent. ” ~“Elizabeth”, female client in her 20’s, 4/18
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