Jerk 1. Them.

You know life would be better if the other person were smarter, nicer, had learned the skill, hadn’t done that thing to you, or any other focus on someone outside of you keeping you from having the life and relationships you want. You think “I deserve better.”

Jerk 2. You.

When you are angry, scared, or hurt, you are likely to do a “jerk-move” and behave in ways that are scary, passive aggressive, or in other ways not aligned with being the “real you” or the nice person you think you are and want to be. You rationalize and justify by thinking “They deserved it.”

Jerk 3. Your past.

Trauma, abuse, abandonment, a situation you said “I’m never going to do THAT again,” or any other thing from your past that is impacting you in the present and which you wish wasn’t. The mind generalizes which is great when you don’t have to think before checking for cars when you cross the street but is less great when your lover asks you what you want and you freeze having no idea what to say.

Milestones: Names and Results

Pre-Course Milestone
Set Your Resilient Relationship Goals
If you know where you are and you know where you want to go, it will be easier to 1) get what you want out of class and relationships, 2) assess the effectiveness of your actions and what you learn in class, and 3) create a plan for your next steps.
Milestone 1 
Radical Communication
You will have an embodied experience of listening and being listened to without trying to fix, change, or figure someone out. You will learn powerful communication tools to diffuse conflicts before they start. Speaking and listening in these radical ways will make you a magnetic, valued, and sought after friend, partner, and co-worker so you can be confident in social settings of all types.
Milestone 2
Radical Yes
You know what you want and you have practice speaking it.
You can feel vigor and enjoyment of life and relationships. Have spark and joy in connection.
Milestone 3
Radical No
Feel solid for yourself. Know where you stand. Don’t take on more than you can/want to do. You can live free of resentment and burnout while being a big contribution to everyone who matters to you.
Milestone 4
Radical Vulnerability 
Vulnerability is not weakness and it’s not optional. It’s an experience of uncertainty and emotional exposure which is necessary for courage. Relationships make each of us feel vulnerable. Learning to embrace vulnerability and surf its waves makes you resilient and trustworthy for yourself and others.
Milestone 5
Radical Intimacy
Be a wonderful, intimate partner. Be at home and at ease in your own skin, trusting yourself and being trustworthy to others. Take off the masks and let us know you (because you know yourself and like who you met in there). Stop trying to fit in or hustle. You can relax and be yourself.
Milestone 6
Radical Self-care 
You know how to refill your cup, replenish you, and be solid. You know when you are likely to be a jerk and can avoid the pitfalls saying “No, thank you” to unnecessary suffering.  You don’t create drama just because you’re not 100%. You can enjoy your life and relationships without feeling overwhelmed.

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