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Coaching with Kassandra

The longing you have to be in close connection, to be yourself, to feel safe with yourself and with others – I can help with that. The worry of being too much and not enough – I can help with that.

Working with me changes what’s possible. People who work deeply with me find their relationships transforming. They have more ease and effectiveness both within themselves and with other people – romantic, work, family, and friendships.

It’s not easy work and it’s not for everyone. Is it for you? Reach out and let’s chat. I promise that even within this first phone call, you’ll leave with inspiration and a next step. 

This is just the beginning!

Loneliness is an important indicator that something needs to change. Like hunger signals a need for food, loneliness signals a need for connection. Connection is a basic human need. Many of us seek it blindly, randomly, impulsively. Coaching with me can help you be mindful, safer, and more satisfied in all your connections.