While knowing the type of work you can do with me is important, getting a feel for who I am is just as important. We’re going to be close and you deserve to know some details.

I prioritize relationships over everything else. I know what a huge difference it makes to your health, well-being, and happiness to feel powerful, positive connections in your life. And how agonizing it is to feel lonely, isolated, and unable to connect.

Many of my favorite clients have abuse, neglect, and trauma in their backgrounds. Many of them are smart and have educated themselves with different approaches to healing. But more than any other trait, my favorite clients – the ones who are most successful working with me – bring a level of dedication to their own lives that is awe-inspiring and life-changing. I’ll go there with you. I’ll go deep and help you find the gifts in the dark. Together we can do everything you want to do.

I’ve been married twice and have two daughters, one in middle school and one in high school. I gave birth to both of them at home, in water. (Yes it was awesome and scary and empowering). Over and over again I’ve challenged the scripts handed to me by our culture about what I should and can do. I’ve found my own voice and my way to amazingly fulfilling relationships. I can teach you how to do that for you.

I’ve lived on the east coast – growing up in Pennsylvania and getting a degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Virginia. Then California to work in environmental consulting while teaching aerobics and yoga on the side. Yoga and meditation became my main work until 2011 when I became a relationship coach. Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Missouri was home for 4 years as I put everything I had into living in harmony with the planet and people. In 2017 I moved to Boulder, Colorado, got certified by Cuddlist.com, and found my true home doing this work with you on consent, enjoyment, and empowerment. Relationships that work. Relationships that last.

A Few Notable Teachers and Trainings

  • Becoming a Professional Cuddler through Cuddlist.com helps bring to reality my long-standing desire to hold you while coaching you. Feeling love, compassion, and safety in your body while receiving coaching support lets the coaching be 10x more effective.
  • Compassionately listening to our parts comes directly from my experiences with Inner Empathy.
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) with Drs. Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli of the University of Massachusetts Medical School – a series of 7 different residential intensives in mindfulness totaling more than 400 hours of contact time.  “Everything passes. Everything changes. The trick is to notice what’s happening before it’s gone.” Visit http://www.mindfullivingprograms.com/ for more information on MBSR.
  • Like A Pro with Dr. Betty Martin is bringing new awareness to boundaries, consent, and asking for what I want. The importance of taking my own desire into my own body and clearly asking for what I want knowing that the other has no responsibility to give it to me is a huge gift from working with Betty.
  • Somatic Sex Educator Association’s training in Sexological Bodywork gave me the sex education I’d never had and always wanted as well as the tools to help you come home to your body, trust your sexuality, and harness the energy of eros in your life.
  • Brene Brown’s TED talks, videos, and books have opened up new vistas with her work on shame, vulnerability, and scarcity. Thank you!
  • The School for The Work of Byron Katie – a 9 day intensive in compassionate inquiry. We look at our stories, our beliefs, and our judgments and ask how they serve us and what they can tell us about ourselves. Check out www.thework.com to find out about The Work of Byron Katie.
  • Working with the books The Diamond Cutter and Karmic Management to learn radical self-responsibility and the discipline of continually noticing how I create the world around me with my thoughts, actions, and words. This is a tangible, accessible way of working with the incredible power we have to create our own lives. It has transformed mine. I look forward to offering its services to you. www.diamondcutterinstitute.com
  • 15 years of teaching yoga and working with people to listen to the body’s wisdom. Our bodies teach us constantly about what’s working, what’s not, how to improve our lives, and how to go more into our life path. Fear, tension, illness are often constricted excitement – energy that’s gotten locked up with no place to go. We can listen, move our bodies, free up that stuck energy, and heal
  • BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Virginia. The best things to come out of this degree are the abilities to problem solve and to work hard and persistently. These skills are also offered to you as you embark on your coaching journey with me.