Appreciated and respected

One of the biggest things I have learned is to be patient with myself, to see my mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow and not as things that hold me back or define my character.

I think my largest hesitation was regarding doing cuddle therapy to begin with. I knew that therapy that involved physical touch was going to be very helpful to me, but it felt weird to touch someone I did not know well and mostly in a way that feels so intimate as cuddling.

My favorite part about working with Kassandra is just the energy I feel every time I walk in the door and during the whole session. I feel peaceful and cared for when I am with Kassadra, I feel like she wants what is best for me and really cares about what I feel and what I talk to her about. It is just a very accepting environment and my sessions with her help put into perspective the things that do matter and the things that I may be giving too much importance to.

I would recommend cuddling therapy with Kassandra because I think it is one of the most effective therapies for anyone who is feeling lonely or has issues with their self esteem or self worth. Just the act of being held I think is valuable to any human and with Kassandra you get to experience that. I also would recommend it to people who do not have a lot of family around or a significant other to hug them, since I think all human being ache for this.

Kassandra is a very caring person and I think my time with her has really helped me, and my view of myself and my outlook on life. If you want to be in a therapy where you feel appreciated and respected, you should work with her.