The best money I’ve ever spent

Cuddling with Kassandra is how I stay balanced. Especially as a young woman, it’s revolutionary to have someone who will give me the time and space I need to figure out what I want – and then thank me for asking for it. Or for negotiating boundaries. Or for saying no. (And then we can have a dance party, or read to each other, or just hold and be held).

After I first contacted Kassandra I felt freaked out and excited and very vulnerable; fast forward a few months and I’ve had more than ten sessions, with more on the horizon. No two are alike, but they all help me get grounded, and I understand more and more what it means to really live in my body, listen to it and honor its needs.

When I leave a session I’m high on cuddles.

Then I go back to my life and start working with my desires and my boundaries more actively, so I can get clear about what nourishes me and what doesn’t. The effects of this kind of connection are far-reaching, and they change the way I approach all my other relationships. I book cuddle sessions now just like I would a massage.

It’s one of the only things I spend money on, and that money is some of the best I’ve ever spent.