A deep-dive into the most effective listening skills you need to unlock your communication superpowers for a happier, more effective life.

  • Get better at talking to family, friends, clients, employers, and co-workers.
  • Build a community of people who want to listen to you.
  • Learn the skills to speak well and be heard.
  • Develop your innate capacity for helping the people around you feel seen and valued (they’ll like that and like you more for doing it).
  • Have fun.

Listening builds connection because we all long to be heard, known, seen, and valued.

One of the best things we can do for our relationships – whether clients, co-workers, friends, partners, or family – is Deep Listening where we listen to them with acceptance, compassion, and no pressure to perform. Listening can be a pleasure both for the person talking and the person hearing them.

Learn the skills to offer that kind of listening to the people in your life. And learn the skills to be heard, known, seen, and valued yourself.

In the first four classes you will get the Deep Listening Skills that let you listen with empathy and effectiveness without burning out. Skills covered include:

  • common pitfalls of listening like advice giving and how to avoid them
  • reflective and active listening;
  • listening for feelings and needs, and
  • having hard conversations with ease.

In the second four classes we will:

  • discover how to work with competing and conflicting needs (i.e. I want to lose weight/I want pizza or I want a peaceful home/my children only obey when I yell) using the Inner Empathy Model of Parts Work
  • learn to connect with compassion and effectiveness with the different voices within you including the Critic, Child, Saboteur, Procrastinator, Conflict Avoider, Numbing, and more.

This is a life-changing practice for creating more inner harmony, less struggle and work just to “keep it together”. You will feel more effectiveness in absolutely everything you do.

Integrating the Internal Family Systems model of parts work with Nonviolent Communication’s understanding of feelings, needs, values, and observations with nondualistic philosophy’s integration of all things as part of one valuable whole and you get an amazing tool for life-changing listening.

Available when you want it at the pace you want it. 


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