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Courses are a great way to get the support you need exactly when you want it and often at a lower cost than 1-on-1 coaching or cuddling. All of the following are available for immediate and lifetime access. Live group coaching for each course may be available. Curious? Reach out!

Jerk-Proof Your Relationships

What if I said there was a proven way to take any relationship to the next level, create ease and fun, and let you feel alive and connected? This is it! Make your relationships resilient and fulfilling with the best tools I’ve curated from a decade of coaching, five years of professional cuddle therapy, and 24 years of personal and professional growth. Jerk-Proof Your Relationships is the good stuff and you don’t have to take a quarter century to learn it all.

Deep Listening

Listening is your superpower. Learn real skills to empower yourself to be an agent of peace and power in your world..

Shame Vulnerability Scarcity and Joy

Vulnerable times are the most excruciating and the most exquisite. Who wants more of the exquisite? This course is for you. For more information on this course, price, and availability contact Kassandra.


Which course is right for you?