Sessions will be with Kassandra Brown, a relationship coach with a decade of experience working with clients using Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Nonviolent Communication, Professional Cuddle Therapy, and Internal Family Systems. She’s worked extensively with somatic modalities including yoga, meditation, attachment theory, and Somatic Sex Education.

Kassandra is in training to become a Relational Life Therapy couple’s coach. Relational Life Therapy is some of the smartest, most compassionate, and most effective couple’s work to be found anywhere. It brings couples together in a whole new way to support one another in becoming their best selves both individually and as a couple. While she’s in training she’s delighted to offer half price sessions ($100 for 90 minutes) to well qualified couples.

Kassandra is seeking couples who are:

  • wondering if it’s time to break up? or
  • wanting to go from good to great? or
  • struggling under pressure of outside stressors (health, work, kids, etc)? or
  • LGBTQ, polyamorous, or other alternative configuration

To schedule a complimentary preliminary interview call 660-234-4885 or schedule at