The Loneliness Epidemic at Work – on Elephant Journal

Last week I proudly submitted an article about loneliness at work to Elephant Journal. I just reread it and I still really like it (whew – right?) and am delighted to share it with you.

Here are some highlights:

Loneliness is sneaky often masquerading as listlisness, loss of focus, depression, anxiety, a feeling of not really fitting in or belonging, insomnia, and a low immune system. If any of these sound familiar to you, you might be missing meaningful connection. Do you experience safe and welcome touch, sharing what matters to you with someone you trust, or having meaningful social encounters. Where aren’t your needs for connection being met?

Once you notice that connection is even a need, you can find effective ways to meet that need. But until you notice that it’s connection you need rather than a new med, another latte, or another episode of Riverdale (my daughters’ current fav) you are going to be disappointed. Nothing is going to quite satisfy you.

And you’re going to believe that nothing CAN quite satisfy you. The cycle keeps going round and round as you look for something to satisfy you but keep looking in the wrong place. You believe that there is no answer to be found and start looking for ways to cope with the empty, not-quite-connected, what-does-it-matter feeling that creeps in when you least want it to.

Connection matters. It’s what you need. It is available. You are not alone.

This is the work I do. Giving you an experience of meaningful connection. Teaching you how to get it in the “wild” of your life and social world. I’d be honored to work with you. Reach out today to find out more.

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